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Bellingham Cleaners and Tailors

Repairmen (Dry Cleaning)
2655 Bates Rd, Montreal QC H3S1B3
corner: Wilderton
Tel: 514-733-4444

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Since 1940, Bellingham has been well-known for their expert cleaning, especially of the more challenging suedes, leathers, wedding gowns, silk, feather pillows and duvets.

- Their Deluxe Service handles delicate garments individually:

* garments individually cleaned in virgin solvent
* buttons are removed to prevent damage
* items are hand-pressed,
* double inspection procedure
* garments are stuffed with tissue paper to preserve their form

- For busy people, they offer a wash and fold service for $1.50 lb ($3.30 kg). Whites and coloured items are washed separately - and - independently of other peoples' clothes. There's free pick up and delivery. The minimum order is for 10 lbs.

- Would you sleep on the same sheets for 6 months? So why haven't you ever had your pillow cleaned? They will sanitize, deodorize, clean, and fluff you pillow - and - replace the cover.

- Too difficult to remove and rehang your drapes and window coverings? They'll send someone to do it for you so you can send them in for a cleaning along with the bedding and decorative cushions.

- For garment repairs (even suede and leather), every day there are seamstresses and a changing room, so quick fixes can be sewn while you wait.

- Their Bates Rd. location has Quebec's first drive-thru service and a 24-hour night deposit box using VIP bags.

- Home or office pick-up service is available over most of the island.

- Bellingham Cleaners are the only cleaners in the province of Quebec who are certified by the worldwide Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.


Additional Information
Website www.bellinghamnett.com
E-mail info@bellinghamnett.com
Hours Mon-Wed 7:30-6:30, Thurs & Fri 7:30-7, Sat 8-5, Sun 11-5