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Montreal Laundromat

Specialty Services (Laundromats)
Patricia Location - 5320 Patricia Ave., Montréal QC H4V 1Z2
corner: ave de Chester

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Montreal is lucky to have a friendly, helpful, long-serving laundromat family in our midst. With two of the largest (the most washers and dryers) locations in the city, Lavoir Patricia and Lavoir Victoria have had the same owner for 38 years, so there is a continuity and long-time understanding of the best machines and knowledge of how to get your items clean.

Unlike most facilities, they have full time staff in both locations to advise and and assist you, or else the staff will do your complete laundry (wash and fold) for an additional fee). The Patricia location in Montreal West has 6 different sizes of washers, from 10 lbs to 65 lbs. When you walk all the way to the back, you will find the 4 giant washers at the 65 lb capacity (and 4 giant dryers), so you can do big loads quickly and efficiently. Also, the less expensive machines with double capacity are at the Patricia location.

Lavoir Patricia and Lavoir Victoria are very customer friendly. Yes, you should be bringing in your own preferred soap, softeners and bleach, but if you are stuck they will sell you a cup. They have carts, washroom facilities, customer seating, bill changers and counters on which to fold your clothes.

Even if you have a washer and dryer at home, there are still times you might need this laundromat - for spring cleaning, putting winter clothes away, when the kids come back from camp, getting ready for big holidays or if your machine at home suddenly breaks down.

They are the only laundromat in the city with 4 77 lb capacity dryers.

Here are some ideas of when you might need the cleaning facilities of this laundromat:

- Camping equipment: blankets, comforters, sleeping bags
- Washable curtains
- Winter clothing: heavy parkas, ski pants, long coats
- Large comforters, blankets or washable duvets and duvet covers
- Refreshing pillows
- Slipcovers for couches

Lavoir Patricia has Maytag top-load washers along with Wascomat front-load washers, which are considered some of the best in the world. A regular cycle in these professional machines comprises 2 washes and 3 rinses, which means five complete water changes to ensure the cleanest wash possible. These are available in 20 lb., 30 lb., 40 lb. and in the 55 lb. size which is great for giant loads - could be used for sleeping bags, couch covers, comforters and other large items.

Look for their coupon on the web site www.MontrealLaundromat.com which changes every few weeks. Lavoir Patricia and Lavoir Victoria aim to take the stress out of laundry day.

Additional Information
Website www.montreallaundromat.com/
E-mail montreallaundromat@hotmail.com
Hours Patricia - Mon-Fri 7-8:30, Sat & Sun 7-7 / Victoria - Sun-Fri 7-7, Sat 5-7
Patricia Location - 5320 Patricia Ave., Montréal QC H4V 1Z2 Main location
Lavoir Victoria - 5950 ave Victoria Montreal QC H3W 2R8 Main Address