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Les Delices Lafrenaie

Food (Bakery)
8405 Lafrenaie, St. Leonard H1P 2B3
corner: Jarry
Tel: 514-324-8039

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We are so lucky to have Les Delices Lafrenaie in Montreal, a local family bakery since 1979. It is not every city that is fortunate enough to be able to order from a hugely popular wholesale bakery. You have probably swooned over their scrumptious creations found in many restaurants and coffee shops around the city - and not even known it was theirs.

Even though their customers were restaurants, when the locals knocked on their door, they couldn't say no to the public. Les Delices La Frenaie started out, and is still located, in the east end of the city. When word of mouth spread and their customer base grew, they began opening bake shops in every corner of Montreal. First they expanded to Laval, then the West Island, the South Shore and then the West End, so there's a Delice Lafrenaie somewhere near you.

You can easily shop at one of their outlets for yummy cakes like: Chocolate Praline Explosion, Apple Caramel Cheesecake, Brownie Cheesecake, Frutti di Bosco, Dulce de Leche, Limoncello, Death by Chocolate and Milky Way. There are over 70 varieties of cakes and cheesecakes, always available in 8-inch or 10-inch sizes, which can serve a maximum of 20 people. For more than 20 people, they can be ordered 36 hours in advance.

The best deals price-wise are the seventeen varieties of pound cakes: apple walnut, lemon, chocolate espresso, marble, walnut and cinnamon. Traditional Italian biscotti and cookies are available in a wide variety. There are also pre-frozen cakes that you can tuck away for when company comes.

You can start your party with trays of pizza (tomato, white, ricotta, tomato olive, vegetarian, potato onion, spinach, rapini sausage, all dressed, fiesta, pepperoni cheese, and tomato cheese) which, during the week, must be ordered; Saturdays they are all available without ordering.

The Ruvo family's original owners, Frank, Gerry and Peppi, can still be found daily in the Saint-Leonard location. All these years later, generations of customers are still flocking here because the family uses only the highest quality ingredients to bake these delicious sweet creations. They have cakes for all occasions, and no request is too much for them.

Don't miss a peek at their online custom cake gallery where you can see their creative expertise. Whatever you want can be baked as a cake: a kitchen stove baking a cake, reels of film with movie photos, a McDonald's Big Mac and fries, Gucci shoes and accessories, an old-timey sewing machine or engine, or an antipasti platter. Then go on to the eye candy of the delicate blue and pink baby birth cakes or the over-the-top wedding creations. Whatever your sweet tooth desires, Les Delices Lafrenaie has it all.

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Additional Information
Website www.lesdeliceslafrenaie.com
E-mail deliceslafrenaie@bellnet.ca
Hours Mon-Wed 9-6:30, Thurs & Fri 9-8, Sat & Sun 9-6, varies by location
8405 Lafrenaie, St. Leonard H1P 2B3 514-324-8039 Main location
199F Boul. LaBelle, Rosemere, Quebec J7A 2H2 450-430-4222 Store
58A Brunswick Blvd, Pointe Clalire QC H9B 2L3 514-542-4242 Store
51 Westminster Ave N, Montreal-West, QC H4X 1Y8 514-312-2253 Store
8245 boul Taschereau, suite B12 Brossard QC J4Y 0B5. 450-462-4000 Store
1276 Dollard, LaSalle, QC H8N 2P2 (514) 363-8776 Store