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The Car Inspector

Specialty Services (Car Inspections)
Tel: 514-890-5000

The Automobile Protection Association has given the thumbs up sign to this man and his mobile car inspections.

Wherever the car is that you are thinking of buying, in a driveway or on a lot, for $90 he comes to you and does a complete inspection, including an ultrasound of the body.

You might want to use this service to verify a car before warranty expiration, after a repair job (to make sure it was done properly), before purchasing a used car, before selling (either to reassure potential buyers or to see if it’s worthwhile changing cars), as a pre-trip checkup or just to reassure yourself that it’s free of safety or mechanical problems.

This mobile vehicle inspection is quite complete and here are some of the things that are verified: - An electronic body verification, to determine if the vehicle has been repainted, involved in an accident or rebuilt covering the the body panels, windows, floor, frame and structure.
- The motor and transmission, steering, brake, air conditioning, and electrical systems
- The brake wear, tire wear, drive-shafts and differentials, as well as suspension and steering components
- Everything inside including all electrical and manual controls, switches, gauges and indicators as well as the odometer, to see if the indicated mileage corresponds with the condition and wear
- Finally a road test is done to check the handling, braking, transmission and instrument operation
- The inspection is done on site in writing in about an hour, Monday to Friday

He has had great success in court against unscrupulous dealers, especially in cases of rolled back odometers.

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